Spread Awareness of the Dangers of Addiction

Learn about addiction prevention and substance abuse programs in Southwest Harbor, ME

Although addiction is widespread, many people don't understand the risks of experimenting with drugs. It starts out as just once or twice, but can easily lead down a slippery slope to addiction. Our goal at Acadia Family Center is to put a stop to addiction with our addiction prevention program in Southwest Harbor, ME.

Our 10-week program can educate adolescents, their families and the general public on how to break the cycle of addiction and abuse that can affect families. Contact us today to learn more about our substance abuse education program.

What does our program cover?

When you think of addiction, what substances come to mind? Acadia Family Center's addiction prevention program talks about the dangers of many different substances, including:











Not only do we teach about the dangers of these substances, but we also discuss how peer pressure often plays a role in accepting them. We'll also go over how to refuse substances if they're offered. Reach out to us right away to book our substance abuse education program.