Prevention Education ​

Education for young people and training for school professionals are central to our mission at Acadia Family Center. Drug and alcohol use is the most critical health risk our kids face today, leaving them vulnerable in their early years and jeopardizing their future.

Acadia Family Center has led drug and alcohol prevention and education programs in regional and middle high schools since 2009 on Mount Desert Island and throughout Hancock and Washington Counties. These programs include resiliency and motivational training for teachers, administrators, counselors, and health care professionals.

Our ten-week course addresses tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, heroin and opiates and fosters discussions of honesty, integrity, resiliency, peer pressure and refusal skills.

We believe that if students are armed with this information, they will be better able to confront risks, resist temptations, and make better decisions. Teenagers learn best through experience, and our program engages students through active discussion and role-play. We help them discover the tools they need to live healthier lives now and in the future.