Hike & Bike for Mike is our annual fundraiser to support addiction recovery and prevention.

Join Acadia Family Center to Hike & Bike for Mike, September 10 - 18, 2016.

Save the date for our Summit Celebration at 5:00pm on September 18th at Acadia Family Center, where prizes will be awarded, stories swapped, and refreshments served!

Thank You to Our 2016 Sponsors!

Community Sponsors:

Acadia Fuel
Acadia Trust
Islesford Dock Restaurant
Little Notch Bakery
Machias Savings Bank

Bar Harbor Savings and Loan
Bottom Dollar, Inc
Cadillac Mountain Sports
Camden National Bank
The First
The Knowles Company
Southwest Cycle

Who is Mike?

“Mike” represents everyone who is affected, directly or indirectly, by substance abuse and addiction: from the business owner who has been in recovery for 20 years to the 8th grade student who brings her mother’s prescription drugs to a sleepover. “Mike” is a significant presence in our community that we cannot ignore, and with Hike & Bike for Mike we are choosing to be vocal about our support for recovery so that “Mike” can hear us and know that he is not alone.

Hike & Bike for Mike Committee

Laurel Simard, Co-Chair
Colleen Maynard, Co-Chair
Blakeslee Bell
Dan Johnson
Jennifer Lincoln
Erica Merrill
Claire Sasner