Providing prevention, education, and outpatient treatment services for people affected by substance abuse, chemical dependency, and mental health disorders.

Acadia Family Center is a licensed substance abuse agency that provides outpatient treatment and resources for recovery on Mount Desert Island and surrounding communities.

We offer a continuum of treatment services which include outpatient counseling for alcohol and drug abuse/addiction, counseling for those affected by another’s addiction, outreach and prevention.

Our experienced clinicians provide services to adults, adolescents, and families who wish to overcome addiction to alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs and mental health disorders in a supportive and caring environment.

Our treatment philosophy is recovery oriented, strengths based, and rooted in resilience. We utilize traditional cognitive behavioral therapies as well as alternative and expressive art therapies.

In our view the best treatment is prevention; the active, assertive process of creating conditions that promote well-being. In holding to that view, we prioritized prevention activities in local schools.

Mission Statement

Acadia Family Center provides education, prevention, and out-patient treatment services for individuals of all ages, families, and communities affected by alcohol, drug abuse, and/or mental health disorders.

Vision Statement

Acadia Family Center envisions the communities of Mount Desert Island and nearby neighbors to be healthy and resilient. We envision year-round and summer populations that are well-informed, compassionate, and committed to the long-term recovery of individuals and families suffering from alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and/or mental health disorders.