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The staff at Acadia Family Center uses the harm-reduction model for people coping with addictions and mental health disorders. We offer treatments and outreach services, like:

  • One-on-one counseling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Chronic pain management services
  • Art therapy sessions
  • Medical assistance services for opioid addiction
  • Prevention education programs

We also refer patients to outside resources they may need, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, the Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs and Narcotics Anonymous. When you’re struggling with addiction and need someone in your corner, Acadia Family Center is here for you. Call 207-244-4012 today to speak with a trained therapist near you.

About Acadia Family Center

Acadia Family Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide our community with outpatient services, prevention programs and alternative arts therapies. We’re one of the only opioid addiction facilities that accepts anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Reach out to us to learn more about the mission of Acadia Family Center.

In an effort to expand our impact on the community and help meet the need for mental health and substance use disorder therapy, Acadia Family Center is expanding!

Thanks to a significant major gift from an anonymous donor, we are ready to break ground.

(L-R Jennifer Lincoln, AFC Business Manager, Erica Merrill, Vice Chair, AFC Board of Trustees, Dan Johnson, Executive Director, AFC, Daphne Milliken, Secretary, AFC Board of Trustees, David Hipsky, Project Manager, EL Shea, Inc, Geoffry Fraser, Fraser Associates Architects)

The new expansion will include:

A large community room for the public to use for AA meetings, NA meetings, groups, Education/Outreach events etc.
A new art therapy studio
3 new offices for therapists (6 total)

3 ways to spot drug abuse in a loved one

Are you concerned about someone in your life? Everyone acts differently when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, but these three common signs usually point to a chemical dependency issue:

  1. Neglecting other responsibilities and activities. Is your friend or family member skipping out on school or work, or has their performance suffered recently?
  2. Keeping secrets and lying. Do you get the feeling your loved one isn’t telling you the truth most of the time? Addicts often lie about and try to hide their behaviors.
  3. Risk taking. People with chemical dependency issues often put themselves in danger in order to obtain their drug of choice. These behaviors can put their relationships and their physical safety at risk.

If you think your loved one suffers from addiction, refer them to Acadia Family Center. Our highly trained and friendly staff will help them get back on track and enjoy a drug-free life. Walk in anytime or call to schedule an appointment.

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